Q?Where do you deliver?

We deliver a large area in Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  As a general guideline, our Cleveland operation will deliver West to Toledo, South to Mansfield, and East to the Pennsylvania line from Youngstown to Ashtabula.  Our Erie location will deliver to Western New York State, Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Youngstown, Ohio.


We are committed to our customers, and are willing to go further if necessary.  Please contact us

to see if you are in our delivery area.

Q?What are your delivery dates?

Please note: These delivery dates are general in nature.  As a commitment to our customers, we will do everything necessary to get parts to you, on time.  These delivery dates can be subject to change based on customer demand.

Delivery dates for Cleveland:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Delivery to Western and Eastern Delivery Areas
  • Tuesday, Thursday: Delivery to Southern Delivery Area

Delivery dates for Erie:

  • Our Erie location’s delivery dates are mostly based off of customer demand and need.  We will deliver our entire delivery area and try our best to accomodate our customers’ needs.


“Delivery dates matter, but customers are more important.  We will literally drop what we are doing for an emergency delivery to a customer”

– Executive Vice President, Rick Rudnicki

Q?Where are you located?

We have facilities in Cleveland Ohio and Erie Pennsylvania.  Please visit our locations

page for map and directions.

Q?What types of products do you stock?

We have a very large variety of products in many different areas.  We distribute sheet metal, pipe valves, fittings, and more.  Please click here

for our current product information.

Q?Do you offer any services beyond distribution?

We offer a variety of services, in fact, we believe our service department is a competitive advantage that we have in the marketplace today.  To see a full list of services, please click here


Q?What payment options do you offer?

We carry our own house accounts and accept all major credit cards.  We also have a cash window for pick up.

You may also complete a credit application here